Renewable Energies

The future is directed towards clean energies that reduce CO2 levels on our planet. We are clear that industrialization and the growth of economic sectors have overwhelmed and deteriorated the environment. That is why both scientists and other experts are clearly alarmed and socio-economic life is being redirected to sustainability.

Europe aims to reduce CO2 levels, so most countries are involved in giving aid to this sector to avoid global warming. It should be noted that thanks to the changes in government laws, the so-hated “sun tax” has been removed, which caused so much damage in the past and, like everything else, has an expiration date, it was unsustainable and finally progress has been made. in renewables.

Contributing to self-consumption in a few years will become something everyday. At present, this type of installation has begun to be established for those who found it difficult to obtain it from the network, but the step towards bidirectional installations is being taken. Right now there is the facility to dump energy to the grid in a compensatory way and the electricity company increases its production.

In case of having a roof on an isolated plot, it gives us the possibility of creating the installation tailored to the requirements of the home. And it is lived efficiently and sustainably with the environment.

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