Home Automation

Grup ICR works with the new and most modern facilities known as smart buildings, characterized by the control and security that technology brings to customers. Our services in this sector are adapted to the needs of each client and those of the building.

It should be noted that the benefits provided by home automation in hotels in terms of business management are various, as well as for customers who wish to stay in the building. For workers, the two-way communication of the system would be a great help in carrying out their tasks, achieving greater comfort. In addition, an important benefit is obtained in the greater security and control of the hotel's facilities and accesses.

Throughout these years, we have worked in this sector for companies such as the Red Cross, Inca Pharmacy, Hotel Europa Bay, Hotel Alcudia Garden, or entities such as the City Council of Muro.

Installation types:
-Lighting: creation of personalized scenes and environments.
-Solar protection: regulation according to light, rain, wind or temperature.
-Climatization: time, temperature and remote control programming.
-Consumption: monitoring of energy consumption.
-Alarms: simulation of presence in cases of absence, and much more.
-Communications: visualization and centralized control of all systems.
-Irrigation: automatic cut-off in case of rain or wind, daily and hourly programming.
-Access: forwarding of calls from the video intercom to mobile devices.
-Audiovisuals: professional home theater systems, zoned audio management.
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