Fire protection systems

The technical staff of Grup ICR , highly qualified, works with optimal tools to achieve the best possible results, obtaining facilities with perfect operation. In addition, in the event of a deficiency, we also take care of a quick and efficient repair to achieve an unbeatable security system. We are committed to ensuring the different buildings with the perfect and most professional firefighting service, working in full and higher quality safety.

In our years of experience, we have worked in facilities for companies and identities such as MegaSport, Grupo Hotel SensMar, Ibiza Beach Resort or Hotel Juan de Austria.

Installation types:
-Portable fire extinguishers: both powder and CO2.
-Equipped Fire Hydrant (B.I.E.): an installation connected to a water supply network.
-Outdoor hydrants: sources of water supply for the exclusive use of firefighters.
-Automatic extinguishing installations: equipment capable of acting against fire without human intervention.
-Dry column: formed by a normally empty conduit, provided with floor outlets.

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