Project El Circle

18 de January de 2021
Project Green Elements
18 de January de 2021

The Circle is the first office building in Mallorca with an innovative concept that involves sustainability and energy efficiency. It has a 4,000 m2 plot in one of the island's luxury estates: 1,480 m2 of open spaces and common green areas are dedicated that users can enjoy, leaving 1,600 m2 of offices with a peculiar design where the character of the building is homogenized to the environments.

GRUP ICR has dedicated a whole year to carry out all kinds of installations inside and outside. In the aesthetics of the building, which is practically industrial in nature with high ceilings and seen inside, you can see our facilities' excellent finish. Both air conditioning and a href="/servicios/contraincendios">fire protection have been the strong bet of this project.

The main approach of this emblematic building is that we think that in the future it will be a model to follow due to all the advantages of its design and the benefits it offers. It enjoys a space that maximizes all the requirements that an office needs, with the advantages of having spaces such as meeting rooms, technical rooms for efficient connectivity, rooms with printers and stationery, storage spaces, parking spaces for users and visitors.

It is an example of sustainability with its vertical gardens that appear in the building envelope. All of this is possible thanks to a good irrigation facility that we are proud of.

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