18 de January de 2021
Project El Circle
18 de January de 2021

Megasport has been a great project for GRUP ICR, since we have spaces that had become obsolete due to the passage of time and lack of use. To start its activity again, a large investment has had to be made to set it up, so we have renovated and improved the facilities.

The modifications have been made according to the new design, so where there used to be a gym room, toilet spaces have been set up. Linear drains have been used for all the showers' plumbing, which make it more aesthetic and useful life will be longer. What should be noted is that the construction management has made no changes and the planning guidelines have been practically followed.

One of the advantages of the sanitation that has been carried out is that the premises have been isolated and lined, so it is a future investment that brings acoustic benefits, since noises generated by the drains on the upper floors will not be heard.

Considering that Megasport has 25,000 m2 for all its rooms and that they have to be air-conditioned, it has been integrated into a boiler system on its roof. Our team has carried out all the execution from the air conditioning, the fire protection, the plumbing, the gas, and the sanitation. We practically know every corner and meter of MEGASPORT.

The SPA has been remodeled and is a comprehensive overhaul. The benefits of counting on a qualified team have resulted in excellent execution and certification, with the best qualities of the installed products. Due to the chlorination of the water, wear increases, both in the machinery and in the rest of the elements (pipes, ducts, grids, etc, etc) As the state of the technical room was presented, Grup ICR has replaced all the elements and machines, leaving the technical room with a new installation.

Never has a reform been so intense, since almost all its elements have been replaced and relocated, which leads to practically installing and certifying a totally modernized work execution. The facultative direction has been able to renew a space to the current design concepts, which comply with the regulations. Finally, we have adapted spaces throughout the premises and for what it has turned out to be a great investment.

We can say that MEGASPORT is for everyone the best gym on the island, without architectural barriers and with adapted spaces. For our part, we have carried out a work execution with the best qualities that will allow our client and users to enjoy it for many years.

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