Project Green Elements

Project El Circle
18 de January de 2021

To speak of Green Elements is to speak of a promotion of luxury homes that represent a sustainable architecture model in Mediterranean style in the town of Santa Ponça. The residential complex of multi-family homes has a community pool, created by our specialists, among other community areas. In the project, we were in charge of the plumbing, air conditioning, sanitation and irrigation network of the common green areas. As an extra we installed jacuzzis, which led to a completely modernized installation and certification.

The project was carried out between 2018 and 2020 on a plot of 8,000m2. From the first approach to this significant complex, we think that in the future it will be a model to follow due to all the advantages of its design and the benefits it offers concerning its sustainability and architectural elegance. Its natural materials help the buildings to bond with nature and be respectful with the environment.

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